Work Smarter for Your Customers.

Anatomy organizes your conversations and data into one platform for everyone in your company to access. Focus less on finding information and more on making decisions.

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Set your team up for success.

Get insights delivered into Slack and elsewhere.

Bots, not Logins

On demand insights and smart alerts to quickly see your customer's recent activity.

Recordings, not Notes

Automated recordings of team meetings, 1:1s or customer calls to share in Slack.

Standups, not Meetings

Asynchronous standups to focus on team learnings and cross-functional collaboration.

Democratize your data in minutes, not months.

Focus everyone on the right actions

Give your team 360-degree access to customer activity. Reduce frequently asked questions or shoulder tapping. Everyone can be up to speed on your workflow, gain context into your business, and make smarter decisions about where to spend time.

Elevate your team's performance

Share the best customer journeys, access team learnings, and get automated alerts on notable customer activity. Anatomy enabled teams are more engaged, productive, and informed by having access to consolidated insights.

Surface insights and gaps quickly

See trends, influence your team's decision making, and proactively find gaps in your customer data. Anatomy can surface duplicate or missing data and help your team close critical gaps.

One Platform to Access All Your Customer & Team Data

Smart Data Warehouse + Magic ETL

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Trusted by Revenue Driven Teams

Focused on time to value

Anatomy has made finding information much easier across our team. It has directly impacted our ability to exceed goals for activity, pipeline, and revenue.
Brad McGinity
CRO, 15Five
After a couple weeks of use, the entire team saw the value in this platform. Anatomy has been an integral part of our new hire ramp and team acceleration.
Aidan Augustin
President, Feathr
Being able to get customer insights on demand in Slack and Intercom has been an incredible asset for our team's productivity and knowledge sharing.
Matthias Guttu
VP Sales, Hickory